Google Pay Tops UPI Transactions by Value in March

Google Pay has topped the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) in terms of the value of transactions in March 2019.

According to an Economic Times report, Google Pay paid payments worth Rs 43,000 - Rs 45,000 crore in the month.

Google Pay Tops UPI Transactions by Value in March


In terms of transaction volume, However, Paytm leads the chart, followed by PhonePe and Google Pay

Google Pay, PhonePe and Paytm, which presently process 80-90% of UPI exchanges, timed 221-225 million exchanges each March out of the all-out 800 million.

Google has taken a strong lead of 20-25 percent more PhonePe and Paytm as they continue to heavily incentivize P2P (peer-to-peer) payments here. Paytm, due to its e-wallet business, still sees a relatively small value of transactions Among its users.

With merchant acceptance growing further on Google Pay Tops UPI Transactions, the average transaction size and total volumes will be an interesting mix that could be a change, "the report quoted a person as UPI transaction metrics,

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