How to Find My Phone Android

How to save data on lost Android, iOS phones: whenever a smartphone gets stolen, the possible theft of personal data is the biggest fear that concerns the user. But smartphones do have a built-in setting that can protect the mobile data after the theft. These features can help you find your stolen smartphone and even help you delete the phone's data from anywhere.

Find My Phone Android

The feature will only be applicable for the email account that is signed-in on the phone. The internet Connection and GPS should also be Switched on in the phone for deleting the data remotely. Also, the phone should be in switched on mode and in case it is switched off, you can trace its last location.
Steps to know about the stolen phone:

How to Find My Phone Android:

Step 1: You will need a Desktop computer. Make sure no other email id is open on the same.

Step 2: Log in your email id, the one which is signed-in on the stolen phone.

Step 3: A map will be opened, which will show your phone's last location. Also, there will be three options on the left namely Play Sound, Secure Device, Erase Device.

Step 4: 'Play Sound' option will make you find your phone as it rings your mobile automatically. 'Secure Device' will allow you to lock your device from anywhere. While 'Erase Your Phone' will let you delete all data.

For iPhone users:

Step 1: The iPhones have a 'Find my iPhone' app that can help you find your phone.

Step 2: You can sign in to iCloud and send a message to your phone, erase your data or lock your phone.

Step 3: The internet and GPS should be switched on on the phone.

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