Voter List not in the Name How to Insert Vote? Answer to all questions related to voting

Voter List not in the Name How to Insert Vote? Answer to all questions related to voting

Hello friends, as you all know that this year's election is to be held in 2019. And it is the duty of all the citizens that they must definitely give their valuable and valuable votes. Do not vote for someone coming under pressure or on someone's say. Your vote is, you can vote for what you think is better and better. You will know when and where to vote in your city. And if not know, then go to the constituency / Election Commission of your city.

Voter List not in the Name How to Insert Vote? Answer to all the questions related to voting, let us know that we can choose a better candidate by voting in the elections and contribute to the development of the country. Therefore, you are requested to vote for sure. These are both your duty and duty. We consider your vote to be valued. So today we are answering all the questions related to voting in this post, which is very important for every citizen to know.

Some important questions and answers related to voting

1) How will I know this is Voter?
To find out if you are a voter or not, go to the Election Commission website and click on the Search option. After that, Voter I.D. Write and search EPIC numbers from the card. If EPIC numbers are not, you can know your status by entering personal information like your name, father's name, address, constituency field.

2) Can I register my name today?
Yes, you can do exactly. But for that it is necessary that you have completed 18 years of age For this, you can join the Election Commission website by clicking on EROLL or registration option. In order to vote in the same situation, you must have one identity card.

3) Who can be used as an identity card to cast votes?
To vote, you must have one of the following identity cards. You can use any of these identification cards. : -

1) Passport
2) Voter I.D. Card
3) Aadhar Card
4) Pan Card
5) Driving Licence
6) Voting Card (voter slip)
7) Government Employee ID Card, Etc.

4) If my name is not in the Voter List then how will I vote?
You can search your name at If your name is in this website then whether or not your name is in the voter list in the AC status, but you can vote. For this, you must have one of the above-mentioned identity cards.

5) What are the Challenge votes? Are these rules still?
Yes, Challenge Vote Rules are still applicable. Polling booths use Agent Challenge votes. It is used when actual voting is low in votes given in the BLO List. In this situation, the polling agent has to pay a fee of Rs. 2 per voter in the Challenge.

6) Can I know who went to my vote?
Yes. There is a beeping voice while voting. And the voice of the beep is closed when the poll is fully completed. As long as the voice of the beep comes, your voting slip falls on the vivipet and falls into the box attached to it. It appears on the screen that is there immediately after it's printed. You can know from whom you have voted.

7) What will I do if I change the vote for some side?
Election Commission has done physical verification of the voter list. Let us know that two voter friends have been deployed by the Commission on every polling booth. They have been selected for this to verify the identity of voters. Along with the mobile number of the voters, their locations are also traced. From which it is known that the voter's address is correct or false. But even if someone is cast in your place then you will not be prevented from casting votes. You have the right to vote so you can vote. For this, you can cast votes by giving proof of non-voting.

8) If my address has changed, can I vote on the new address?
The voter's address is verified in the voting list. If the voter is not available at the address listed in the list, his name can be cut. In such a situation, if your new address has been registered, you can vote on this new address.

9) Will the color photocopy of voter identity card run?
Not live Color photocopy of Voter's ID (Xerox) is not a valid ID. Voter ID must be original. If not, in this case, you can take any other ID. But should be original.

10) What date should be 18 years of age?
Entering the name in the voting list must be 30 years old till the age of 18, before the date of the first phase of the election.

11) Is there any fee to get names in the voter list?
Not live There is no fee to get names in the voter list. These facilities are completely free.

12) What if the spelling of the name does not match the voter list and the ID? Can I vote in the same situation?
The voting officer will match your name, father's name, age, address, information from your ID and voter list. It is necessary to match all this information only then you will be able to vote. In such a case, if no information matches

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