What is Event Blogging? How to earn money from event blogging?

What is Event Blogging How to Earn Money from Event Blogging? Blogging has emerged as a new business in the digital media era. Blogging is also of several types and it is used in many ways. One of the many forms of blogging is EVENT BLOGGING. Very good money can be made in less time than event blogging and many people only do event blogging.



Event Blogging makes sense only by its name. Blogging about an event. Often the traffic of many blogs is greatly reduced at the time of the festival. This is because people search more about the festival. The people who read our blog on any topic are limited. But, on the festival day, everyone searches Google for messages, photos or any other information. The most traffic on this day is on the internet. In such a situation, if a blog has a good ranking then 5 lakh people visit that blog in a day. But, this time is very short. Here traffic is available for one or two days only.

This is a short term blogging business. Keeping a festival in mind is to create a blog and provide all the information related to it here. Content should always be unique Simultaneously, the information given on the blog should be correct and correct. Blog ranking from Blog Post SEO can be very good. Both money and competition are very much in event blogging.

How to do Event Blogging:

There are some things to keep in mind for event blogging, such as what events/festivals want to create a blog. What kind of information related to it is searched on the Internet? You must have a list of this. Event blogging will start from the beginning, starting with one day or a month before the event will not be of any use. Always buy the keyword domain for this. The keyword domain is the most important weapon for event blogging. Any information related to the event you want to target is to be prepared to keep in mind the search engine. Exam results are also an example of event blogging. Black Hat SEO is also used to some extent here. Like writing all Keyword together on Landing Page. Use the method described below for event blogging.

Register Keyword Domain

Make a list of Data

Free Backlinks Generator Tools

Upload text, Media on Blog as peruse

On Page SEO

Share it with your networks

This way you can do blogging events. If you want to blog the event and any other information related to it, then definitely ask in the comment box.

How to earn money from event blogging?

To make money from blogging, there should be traffic on the blog. The more money Often people want to apply for google adsense before buying a domain for blogging. Many times it has also been seen if an add was given for someone's vacancy and who wants a job, the salon first wants to know what salary will get? It does not want to talk about what to do.

If done correctly, there is a lot of money in blogging. People are not ready to consider blogging as a full-time career. If you consider full-time careers, the way you go to the office for a job at a fixed time, but can not come home from the office at regular intervals. By the way, never do for blogging. It is time to make time for blogging to make money. It is very important not only to blogging but to make money from any area, its information, and confidence in it.

Event blogging can earn money in many ways. You can also sell affiliate marketing or a product with Google Adsense here. Google adsense gets edited on all types of websites and blogs. It does not get the ad code for a particular category. Affiliate marketing is available for all categories. With the name of your blog in the category, Affiliate Program Google will find many websites. Affiliate commission exceeds adsense.

With this, if the product of our own is sold according to the event, then the best thing is to do. The best way to sell your product is to benefit. If you make your own product according to the event, then it is very good. Google for Product Idea Here you can find some such product, you can sell. Birthday is a universal Event Blogging Niche. Every day someone's birthday is of course. In such a way, it worked on the Birthday Niche, it would be beneficial. You can get traffic every day and sell many related products here.

Event Blogging SEO Tips

It is very important for Event Blogging to work on the right keywords. Check the keywords in the Keyword Planner tool on which keywords and traffic. Work on the keyword which has more search and works comparison. Keywords have to be taken into account blogging too. Black Hat SEO is also used for traffic many times. But do not do this, it will definitely benefit from the short term but it is a loss to work in a long time. If you have to work only for the short term then you can do something. One day traffic of the event blog is in millions. In the beginning, do not focus too much on the One Day event, there may be a loss. In the beginning, select a topic that is highly searched.

Event blogging is not started on the day of the event, but many months before that. Starting from the event a day before, nothing will be achieved. But, if done properly, then this will definitely get the benefit next year. Composition in event blogging is very high.

Event Blogging Conclusion:

Event Blogging is a way of blogging, just like blogging for a particular event/festival as you write a post on a category. Its purpose is to get maximum traffic at the time of the event. The more money the traffic is in online work. How much traffic do you need on this event blog? For maximum traffic, work must be done over time and the content the user is searching for must be fulfilled.

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