This Youngest Bollywood Actress Wants to Date Ranveer Singh

This Youngest Bollywood Actress Wants to Date Ranveer Singh: Today we are going to tell you about a very hot and Youngest Bollywood Actress of 30 years, who wants to date Ranveer Singh. These actresses are very beautiful in appearance and their figure is also very attractive. They look exactly like Apsara. After seeing these pictures people become crazy about them

This Youngest Bollywood Actress Wants to date Ranveer Singh, looks exactly like Apsara

The Youngest Bollywood Actress we are talking about is named Genal Pandya, who is now 30 years old. Let me tell, she has also been a Miss India 2010 finalist and has won the beauty title at the state level. You will be surprised to know that in an interview, he told me that he has a crush on Ranbir Singh and wants to date him.

She is very beautiful since childhood, which is why she started her career in modeling. They have been very successful in modeling. After which he started his film career with the film Srikanth. He also played the role of a policeman in this film. Which was liked and loved by the audience.

If any producer or director gets an eye on this girl, then the day is not far when we will all see them acting in Bollywood as well.

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